1. hacking.

Any forms of hacking is strictly forbidden this is not limited to brute-forcing, if BoomRDP believes you are hacking in a way that does not following local state, and international laws will have their RDP terminated without refund.Anything installed without BoomRDPs permission will be removed. If there is any question if a program can be installed, BoomRDP can be contact through live chat, or by opening a ticket.

  1. Denial of service attacks.

Are strictly forbidden, any tools such as LOIC or HOIC or any type of program intended to cause a denial of service attack, even if it is Jays booter, is strictly forbidden. Any form of attempts in using the server for utilization in a denial of service attack is strictly forbidden, this will lead to immediate removal from BOOMRDP, without refund, and a report to authorities if necessary.

  1. child pornography.

Any form of Child Pornography, including the usage of Tor, or VPN, or I2P network in viewing this material is strictly forbidden, immediate removal will be made, along with a report to local authorities.


Are also strictly forbidden, they use server resources, and may lead to abuse, and normally used for illegal activities.

  1. blacklisting.

Any form of spamming, including forums, irc, or any website that have a form of chat is strictly forbidden. Any form of blacklisting from Spamhaus will be investigated and will lead to your RDP termination without refund. IRC bots and Bouncers are forbidden.

  1. bittorrent software.

BoomRDP does allow bit torrent software due to open-source software and such do appear on there, we allow torrenting, only 4 torrents allowed to run at a time. If we recieve a DMCA notice to remove your torrent we are legally required.

  1. support.

Any forms of arguments with staff, spamming tickets, or anyway that is rude or offensive to staff members, may lead to termination without refund. Aruging in anyway on BoomRDPs sale thread will result in removal of service without any refund.

  1. payment

As a customer of BOOMRDP LLC, you are required to make payments before or on the day of your invoice due date, if no payment is received BoomRDP reserves the right to remove the customer from the server, and data associated. Also to note, any chargebacks through PayPal, will cause immediate removal from the server without refund. Refunds are made at the sole discretion of BoomRDP. Discounts are made at the sole discretion of BoomRDP, and not the customer.

The following points will NOT be accepted for requesting refunds: Ordered by mistake Getting bad download/upload speed , I changed my mood, I donít want RDP , I donít know how to use the VPS/RDP Server , RDP has no admin rights , I was out of Vacation , Hacking/Bruteforcing Tools are not allowed hence I want refund , Spamming our email addresses, ticket systems, or servers , Issuing a chargeback , Open disputes with payment gateways/banks , Or anything similar to above points.

BoomRDP LLC reserves the right to modify our Terms of Service at any time, and the polices are all at the discretion of BoomRDP to be modified. As a customer of BoomRDP you have agreed to the following Terms of Service. This Terms of Service affects current BoomRDP customers, and future customers. Accounts are also not to be shared or sold, if BoomRDP believes this has been done this will cause immediate removal.

  1. About

BoomRDP was founded in 2014, We are hosting provider specializing in RDP, Dedicated servers