Acceptable Use Policy:

BoomRDP customers are not to use an excessive amount of bandwidth for a long period of time, this amount can vary depending on the amount of the users on the network and the application used, BoomRDP reserves the right to define this Excessive amount on a case by case basis in regards to network bandwidth. Extract multiple files at the same time is also not allowed. Customers are not allowed to use more than 15% of CPU usage. BoomRDP reserves the right to remove any customers who excessively (Abuse) the server in any way we deem. Customers are also not allowed to store files on the C: drive, they are required to store the file on their own personal drive provided. A warning is also provided on the C drive name itself. Declaring Do not store or ban.

Demo Account Policy:

If BoomRDP allocates a Demo account for the customer to test our servers, they are strictly for 20 minutes, and no programs will be installed for them until purchase has been made